CLCAComplément de Libre Choix d'Activité (French childcare benefit)
CLCACalifornia Landscape Contractors Association (Sacramento, CA)
CLCAClosed-Loop Corrective Action
CLCAChildren, Life and Culture Association (Japan)
CLCAChildren Leaving Care Act (UK)
CLCACriminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 (Australia)
CLCAColorado Lure Coursing Association
CLCACommittee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs (House of Representatives; Australia)
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We uses the same variables as in Ohlson (1980) which includes size of the firms measure as the log of total assets to GNP price level index, total liabilities to total assets (TLTA), working capital to total assets (WCTA), current liabilities to current assets (CLCA), 1 if the value of liabilities exceeds to total assets, zero otherwise (OENEG), net income to total assets (NITA), funds provided by operations to total liabilities (FUTL), 1 if the net income is negative for last two year, otherwise zero (INTWO), and (N[I.sub.t] - N[I.sub.t (_)1])/<[N.sub.It]|-|N[I.sub.t_1]) when NI is the net income for the most recent time period.
As luck would have it, he was defeated during the next election and thereby released from this onerous task once the CLCA became law.
where SIZE is the log of total assets to GNP Price-level index ratio; TLTA is the total liabilities to total assets ratio; WCTA is the working capital to total assets ratio; CLCA is the current liabilities to current assets ratio; NITA is the net income to total assets ratio; FUTL is the funds from operations to total liabilities ratio; INTWO is equal to one in net income is negative in the previous 2 years or zero otherwise; OENEG is equal to one if total liabilities are greater than total assets or zero otherwise; CHIN = [[NI.sub.t] - [NI.sub.t-1]/ [absolute value of ([NI.sub.t])] - [absolute value of ([NI.sub.t-1])], where [NI.sub.t] is the net income for year t.
For this analysis, we use a time dynamic CLCA, where we explicitly track change in C fluxes over time caused by a change in production and use of wood products.
In March, CLCA officials reported that approximately 567,500 Californians expressed interest in the program in 2013, but only 51,755, or 9%, were eligible.
Joint Task Force of the AICPA and ClCA on Sustainability Reporting
(16.) Ohlson (1980) estimates a bankruptcy prediction model with a logistic function P = (1 + exp[{[-y.sub.i]}.sup.-1]), where [y.sub.i] = [beta][X.sub.i], = -1.32 + (-0.407 * Size) + (6.03 * TLTA) + (-1.43 * WCTA) + (0.0757 * CLCA) + (-2.37 * NITA) + (-1.83 * FUTL) + (0.285 * INTTWO) + (-1.72 * OENEG) + (-0.521 * CHIN).
The CLCA, and all land conservation programs based on tax-relief incentives, represent what has been called the "unofficial system of land use control" which is more powerful than any official regulatory system so far devised.
The California Low Cost Automobile Insurance (CLCA) program, says, provides access to coverage for state residents who have been continually licensed for at least three years and can prove that they are safe drivers in need of financial assistance.
Improvement and Development: Agriculture, CLCA of 1965.