CLDPCommercial Law Development Program (US Department of Commerce)
CLDPCentre Local de Documentation Pédagogique (French: Local Educational Information Center)
CLDPCross Link Detection Protocol
CLDPConvertible Laser Designation Pod
CLDPCivilian Leader Development Program
CLDPCertified Legal Document Preparer
CLDPCoiled Pin
CLDPComputer Leadership Development Program
CLDPClosed-Loop Digital Pre-Distortion
CLDPCECOM Leader Development Program
CLDPCPO (Chief Petty Officer) Leadership Development Program (Royal Australian Navy)
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The CLDP includes an Empowerment for Local Development Program designed to build the capacities of communities and local authorities to implement the sub-projects they identify.
During the signing ceremony, Al Hamli praised the significant cooperation made by the CLDP with the DEC in revising a number of federal and local commercial law drafts with the aim of strengthening the legal infrastructure of the UAE economy.
The three-year CLDP Pakistan programme is part of the five-year $3 billion economic development and defence aid initiative announced by President Bush in June 2003.
Most older studies have tended to compare children with CLDP with term controls rather than preterm controls, but our results are consistent with results in recent studies in CLDP cohorts," Ms.
The treatment options for CLDP are all centered on immunomodulation, and randomized, controlled trials have demonstrated the efficacy of plasmapheresis, IV Ig, corticosteroids, and other immunomodulators.
A major focus of CLDP is to help future departmental leaders develop skills to cope with external change, to promote appropriate change within their facilities and to solicit support from within their communities and states to implement beneficial and necessary change.
The latter company is now developing the CLDP (Convertible Laser Designator Pod), in which either a TV camera head or a FLIR may be fitted, to suit day or night attacks.
The program is the latest CLDP event to occur under the overall US-Saudi partnership framework to improve the business climate in the Kingdom.
The workshop was held in cooperation with the Commercial Law Development CLDP of the US Department of Commerce and also attended by representatives from government's agencies, medium and small institutions, civil society organisations and businessmen.
This week's workshops are the first in a series the CLDP has proposed conducting in Sri Lanka in partnership with other U.
Megan Mcmillan AttornyAdvisoy CLDP and Commercial Specialist Malik Attiq were in the delegation.