CLDRCommon Locale Data Repository
CLDRContinuous Low Dose Rate (brachytherapy)
CLDRContention-based Limited Deflection Routing
CLDRCompact Laser Designator Rangefinder (US Army)
CLDRRoll Due to Rudder Deflection
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The expression of NGF mRNA in Panc1/DRG group and CaPan2/DRG group was significantly reduced after CLDR irradiation, respectively ( P < 0.
The in vitro models were evaluated under the intervention of CLDR irradiation of[sup]125 I seeds source.
sup][38] In vivo and in vitro models, the expressions of NGF and EGFR in CaPan-2 cells were obviously inhibited under the exposure of CLDR irradiation.
sup][39] However, in the preclinical practice of EUS-guided[sup]125 I seeds implantation, the radiation therapy was CLDR irradiation with different biologic effects compared with traditional HDR.
In this study, we confirmed that the CLDR irradiation of[sup]125 I seeds could inhibit PNI of PanCa cells with the value of the further study.
All of the works in the CLDR were irst published between 1851 and 1945.
This is one of the unexpected gifts that the CLDR resources provide, and perhaps one of its most moving gifts: the books give a sense of the closeness of the past, by providing evidence of their former owners, and reinforcing the texts' status as quasi-historical documents.
The CLDR project is a QUT initiative that has been supported by funding from the Australian Research Council (through Linkage, Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities grants 2008-2010), and by the resources of AustLit: The Australian Literature Resource, The National Library of Australia, The University of Queensland, and other major Australian universities.
Cherie Allan is a Research Assistant for the CLDR Project and is based at Queensland University of Technology.
Amy Cross is Project Officer for the CLDR Project and is based at Queensland University of Technology.
The CLDR programme is offered in association with the Centre of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution at King's College London, one of the top 25 universities in the world according to The Times Higher Education 2007.