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The first group was composed of three collected cultivars from Japan (Koshihikari, KOSH), Taiwan (Tainan Iku 487, T487), and Bangladesh (Latisail, LTSL), and three cultivars developed by California breeders (Calady, CLDY; Calady 40, CA40; and Caloro, CALO) along with the six cultivars in T1G1.
ESTIMATED at noon today: World temperatures Algarve Sun 19C 66F Amsterdam Sun 18C 64F Athens Sun 22C 72F Barbados Thndr 30C 86F Costa d'Sol Fair 21C 70F Cyprus Sun 24C 75F L Angeles Sun 25C 77F Madeira Fair 20C 68F Malta Fair 19C 66F Miami Sun 27C 81F Moscow Cldy 4C 39F New York Cldy 14C 57F Paris Cldy 18C 64F Sydney Rain 20C 68F Tenerife Sun 23C 73F Vienna Sun 21C 70F