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CLEATCombined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas
CLEATCommunications, Law Enforcement and Technology (New Hampshire)
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Cleats are classified as Face cleats and Butt cleats, Face cleats usually give directional permeability towards their orientation, whereas Butt cleats extend in the direction of in-situ stress and are discontinuous, short in extent.
The issue with cleats being that it's imperative that the installed cleat is correctly specified - as all an underspecified one will do in a short circuit scenario is add to the potentially lethal shrapnel.
When the job is complete, the machine is driven off the Cleat and the unit is removed for use on the next site.
The Quick Cleat is manufactured and sold by Quick Cleat LLC, a family owned company in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
The clip became a sensation, angering fans who believe that the cleat snatching incident revealed Ereth to be a selfish poor sport unconcerned with the feelings of the young boy or the intentions of Donald Driver, who was tossing the shoe to the boy for him to keep as a momento of the game.
Lock each cleat in place with a new self-locking nut, NSN 5310-01-102-2711.
The multi-year agreement gives Under Armour the worldwide rights to produce and distribute the official "silhouetted batter" MLB logo on its MLB Authentic Collection baseball cleats.
I'm almost to the goal when I feel a cleat smash into the side of my leg.
Cleats linked together by an articulated chain carry the caps gently from a large storage hopper towards an adjustable speed bump, which inclines the cleats and causes poorly oriented caps to fall by simple gravity.
The system measures vibrations created by forces that a vehicle's tires apply to the cleat.
By itself, the SIA software which handles communications facilities so that remote terminals devices can be used for direct interfacing with the 6600 operating system would be of little value if the development of job control languages, such as CLEAT had not provided some foundation for SIA's claim to be developing 'user oriented software'.
Athletes believe a lighter cleat means a quicker step on the competition.