CLEERColorado Law Enforcement Emergency
CLEERCatastrophic Level Event Emergency Response (Keigan Systems Inc)
CLEERCenter for Legislative Energy & Environmental Research
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Mean while Warr arose, And fields were fought in Heav'n; wherein remaind (For what could else) to our Almighty Foe Cleer Victory, to our part loss and rout Through all the Empyrean: down they fell Driv'n headlong from the Pitch of Heaven, down Into this Deep, and in the general fall I also; at which time this powerful Key Into my hand was giv'n, with charge to keep These Gates for ever shut, which none can pass Without my op'ning.
Asser Instituut and CLEER cordially invite you to this Presidency Lecture.
Through the CLEER program, these lenders, commercial contractors, and Montgomery County Green Bank will work together to bridge the financing gap for energy efficiency, solar PV, and energy storage projects in office, retail, light industrial and multifamily rental properties that are not currently covered by existing programs.
About the reference to democracy, on the broader context of the principles ruling Portugal's external relations, see the brief note of Larik, Joris: "Shaping the International Order as a Union Objective and the dynamic Internationalization of Constitutional Law", CLEER Working Papers, 2011, No.
Cleer earlier admitted possessing the stun gun without authority.
Subsequent studies have reported similar improved outcomes in patients with CLEER defects.
Although Kemp wishes 'that the whole world were cleer of such companions' (9), performance itself creates the conditions in which thievery can thrive.
He also served on the boards of directors for Clean Energy Economy for the Region (CLEER) and New Century Transportation Foundation.
The riztfulnessis of pe Lord ben riztful, gladinge hertis; pe comaundement (78) of pe Lord is cleer, liztnynge izen.
Having amassed piles of boar carcasses, he has grown impatient that he is not yet emperor, and he complains to Delphia of how she speaks "darkly" and keeps him unable to "cleer [her] Mystery" (1.3.171, 175); the very concept of allegory eludes him, and he shuns any sort of mystery.
Cheryl Masefield, Reception Teacher, St Cleer School, Cornwall.