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CLEETCouncil on Law Enforcement Education and Training
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And in the present instance, all this was heightened by the sight of the two officers of the strange ship, leaning over the side, by the perpendicular ladder of nailed cleets there, and swinging towards him a pair of tastefully-ornamented man-ropes; for at first they did not seem to bethink them that a one-legged man must be too much of a cripple to use their sea bannisters.
Schools and school aids from Publishing House "Prosveta-Sofia" AD, Prosveta Plus - EOOD; Lot 2: Textbooks and teaching aids from Bulvest 2000 - OOD, Anubis - OOD, CLEET Bulgaria OOD; Lot 3: Textbooks and teaching aids from Textbooks and school aids from EDUCATIONAL CENTER "DIGEN.
By expanding the armory at CLEET to include AR-15 rifles, we will be able to provide Oklahoma's peace officers with advanced rifle training that was previously unavailable," said Dr.