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CLEMClemson University
CLEMCorrelative Light and Electron Microscopy
CLEMConjugate Lateral Eye Movement (psychology)
CLEMClosed Loop Ex-vessel (Handling) Machine
CLEMCentre for Land Evaluation and Management (UK)
CLEMCrew Launch and Entry Module
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Geoff Nicholson and Clem would pool their talents to produce the book Welsh Rugby: The Crowning Years 1968-80 but the latter's initial transition from rugby to reportage was not entirely seamless.
The rugby-loving public took what Clem said at face value, respecting his wisdom and sagacity in most matters.
Somebody later told Simmons that Clem had been shot, so he went back to look for a memento.
Here's hoping Javi and Clem survive; everyone else?
In 2014, Clem even drove Gilliam around his district, putting up signs to fend off a primary challenger.
A product of Wednesbury Boys School, Clem worked at the paper alongside wife Norah, who took charge of the women's page.
Clem was in her element when we went on these adventures and stuck to the highest standards about everything.
Dusty' Clem to the positions of chairman, president and chief executive officer of DGSE Companies, effective immediately.
After a 75-cent supper in the hotel dining room, he visited Clem Wilson's livery barn three doors down, where, for $5, he hired a horse and buggy for early the next morning to carry him on a sales expedition to all the small villages and hamlets in the area.
Jack Clem, Orion's CEO, said that in order for the company to remain competitive in today's global marketplace, it must fully utilize the capabilities of its carbon black operations, concentrating resources at more efficient facilities that can compete in today's challenging environment.
Without going into the arcane details, an important part of the ruling by the EWGMHB relied on testimony by Douglas County Prosecutor Steve Clem that he met with the Douglas County Commissioners after receiving some comment letters from a couple of state agencies.
Team manager Clem Laidler said: "I am delighted with this achievement.