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/ [THORN]erof I hope [THORN]urowe Goddys sonde / Here to be purgyd before zoure syght / From all synne clene, lyke as myn husbonde.
The secunde what maki[??] hym clene. The thridde what holdith hym in clennesse.
In "Joseph's Doubt," when Joseph says, "It was sum boy began this game / That clothyd was clene and gay, / And ye geve hym now an aungel name!" (12.75-77), his complaint functions as a metatheatrical joke: Gabriel is "sum boy" dressed up in a fancy costume, taking on the name of an angel--an actor in a costume in a play.
U "bohatych" krajin je vo vsetkych mode-loch koeficient pri kvadratickom clene zaporny a zaroven statisticky vyznamny (hoci v modeli A.4 je statisticky vyznamny len na hladine vyznamnosti 0,1).
And to be cou[??]e in His courte [??]ou coueytes [??]enne, To se [??]at Semly in sete and His swete face, Clerrer counseyl con I non, bot [??]at [??]ou clene wor[??]e [And if you desire then to be known in his court, To see that Seemly One enthroned and His sweet face, Clearer counsel I do not know, but that you should make yourself pure] (1053-5) In short, be clean, and receive God's mercy; yet again "cleanness" in the poem takes on various meanings, surely not limited to the literal.
One was clene bones and noo woode, and that is called a bone fyre.'
For, tyll he be assoyled, his wordes take none effecte--For out of holy chyrche he is now clene rejecte.
94-101), then tells us about the greatness of God, and how we should keep measure ("wisum clene," l.
(35) The fifteenth-century English N-Town Play offers testimony from Mary's (apocryphal) midwife on precisely the point that so bothered Aude: Here opynly I fele and se: A fayr chylde of a maydon is born And nedyth no waschynge as other don: Ful clene and pure forsoth is he Withoutyn spoyt or ony polucyon, His modyr nott hurte of virgynite!
The Clene Coat line of coatings and sealants from AgIon Technologies (, Wakefield, Mass., are resilient epoxies thermally compatible with concrete and resistant to bacterial contamination on the surfaces of an industrial environment, explains Joe Geary, AgIon vice president for upgrade solutions.
The Clene Coat[TM] family includes epoxy coatings, sealants, grout, caulk, and trowelable flooring that contain the antimicrobial protection.
The absolution that Gawain receives for his confession, which "sette hym so clene / As domezday schulde haf ben dight on the morn" (188384), ironically underscores that Gawain does indeed face his Judgment Day tomorrow.