CLERComité de Liaison Energies Renouvelables (French: Committee of Renewable Energy)
CLERCouncil for LAB/LAS Environmental Research
CLERClassification and Labelling of Explosives Regulations 1983 (United Kingdom)
CLERCertification, Licensure, Evaluation, and Review
CLERCarrier Life Enhancing Repairs
CLERCloud Effective Particle Radius
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The CLER site visits were alpha tested in July 2012 to validate the process, and beta testing began in September 2012.
Initially, the CLER site visit teams will not visit single-program SIs.
Within subdivision (c), Demonstrations and Moot Court, adds 'credit may be awarded' before beginning of sentence; strikes that credit may be given up to; creates separate sentence explaining that no more than 3 credit hours may be awarded for each 50 minutes of participation; and adds that no more than 9 credit hours for demonstrations and moot court activities may be claimed during a member's 3-year CLER reporting cycle.
Supply and transport of bibliographic maintenance of the collection and foundational lots for municipal libraries of the Girona and for CLER (Club Recommended Reading) and SAL programs (Selection of Local Authors) Library Service of the Provincial Girona.
The seminar has been approved for a maximum of seven general CLER credits.
Members will need to verify CLER compliance and report any deficient hours by the end date of their report month or appear as not eligible to practice in Florida," Tartaglia said.
A new page and link under "Member Services" has been created for CLER and basic skills course requirement (BSCR).
The new CLE credit posting feature came online in April, just months after applications were added to the Bar's Web site to allow members to also check their CLE hours and CLER reporting date information.
The new CLE credit posting feature comes just monks after applications were added to the Bar s Web site to allow members to check their CLE hours and CLER reporting date information.
Effective today, the new trading symbol for Clean Energy is CLER on the Other-OTC Bulletin Board marketplace.
Most of the calls we're getting are from members frightened our database lost their entire CLE history," said Marc Ito of the Bar's CLER Department.
Lesperance was suspended for failing to adequately communicate with clients and for failing to provide diligent representation, for practicing law and representing himself to be in good standing when, in fact, he was dues and CLER delinquent, and for engaging in the practice of law while impaired due to substance abuse.