CLERFConnecticut Lions Eye Research Foundation (est. 1956)
CLERFCounty Law Enforcement Restitution Fund (Missouri)
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After the hard-fought battle of Hurtgen Forest one platoon was divided in two; one section was sent to Ettlebruck and the other to Clerf [also known as Clervaux, Luxembourg, about five miles south of Troisvierges; Ettlebruck is three miles farther south].
We succeeded in getting all the men out safely to Wiltz [five or six miles northeast of Clerf], Arriving there at 0700 we tried to get some sleep, but at 0900 we were ordered back to Clerf.
Since we treat historical data as a lens on the function of language as a repository of a cultural community's collective memory, we need to situate Clerfs Tale within the background of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.