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CLESCertificat de Compétences en Langues de l'Enseignement Supérieur (French: Certificate of Competence in Languages in Higher Education)
CLESCentre for Local Economic Strategies (UK)
CLESContinuing Labor Education Seminar (Philippines)
CLESCentennial Lane Elementary School (Maryland)
CLESContact Lens and Eyecare Symposium
CLESCenter for Leadership Education and Service (University of North Carolina-Wilmington)
CLESCommon Language Effect Size
CLESConstraint-Limited Exhaustive Search
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However, it would amend Rule 6-10.3 to require that one hour of CLE be in professionalism.
This is why a specialized CLES team starts to work with children from the age of 3-years-old, in all of their centers across the country.
It has been shown that a meticulous analysis of the contralateral ear (CLE) may offer important clues in this regard.
I greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve as chair of the Education Law Committee this year, and I thank each of the vice chairs for their support and efforts: Patricia Lott (CLE) and Jason Fudge (Publication).
De fil a aiguille, les policiers vont remonter jusqu'a un employe du service technique du constructeur qui refilait les codes secrets de voitures au programmeur, ce qui lui permettait au bout de quelques clics de produire de vraies fausses telecommandes a cles.
Women: 1 A Dixon 17:06 (rec); 2 C Simpson (CleS) 17:37; 3 D Henaghan (CleS, W40) 17:49; 4 A Hunter (CleS) 18:35; 5 T Laws (CleS) 18:52; 6 K Kelly (CleS) 19:25; 7 H Robinson (CleS, W45) 19:31; 8 N Batey (Ryton Tri) 20:19; 9 Y Thiru (Els, W40) 20:22; 10 V Butler (Els) 20:42; 11 J Tinkler (CleS, W45) 20:51; 12 A Nott (Heat, W45) 21:24
Under-13 boys (2.7 kms): 1, P Shuttleworth (Morp) 10.19; 2, M Hardy (Gate) 10.36; 3, J Robson (Gate) 10.47; 4, C Bradbury (Blay) 10.52; 5, G Taylor (CleS) 10.53; 6, J Archer (Sun) 11.14; 7, G Lowery (J&H) 11.16; 8, F Chadwick (Shil) 11.23; 9, R Etherington (Shil) 11.26; 10, R Costello (Gate) 11.38.
The new CLE will include a segment by certified practice advisor Nora Bergman on time management, followed by a discussion on technology and a session on advertising rules and social media by a member of the Bar's General Practice, Solo & Small Firm section.
SENIOR WOMEN (1.7m): 1 K Waugh (CleS) 10:22 2 S Robson (CleS) 10:29; 3 M Czamecka (CleS) 10:48; 4 A Dixon (CleS) 10:54; C Bowman (CleS, W40) 11:16; 6 S Milburn (CleS) 11:20; 7 K Chapman (Clare) 11:23; 8 L Walker (Walls) 11:35; 9 V Booth (Sun) 11:39; 10 C Willis (Walls) 11:59; 11 L Marr (Tyne, W40) 12:05; 12 A Nott (CleS, W40) 12:16 W45: L Butler (Gosf) 12:32.
When his disabled child of divorced parents comes in, does he require CLEs in family law?
Under-13 Boys 2.6km: 1 C Bell (CleS) 8:34; 2 R Murray (Gate) 8:42; 3 C Fairclough (Sun) 9:06; 4 M Crowe (Els) 9:16; 5 G Ritchie (J&H) 9:25; 6 G Rowe (Black B) 9:36; 7 B Pearson (Els) 9:37; 8 J Beaton (Gate) 9:53.
We're going to be holding more receptions, more CLEs. Were going to be expanding the network of folks who want to be involved," Atwood said.