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CLETCenter for Language and Educational Technology (Thailand)
CLETCanadian Law Enforcement Training
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Dolphins are usually sociable animals but so-called solitary social dolphins like Clet are a well-known phenomenon around the world and several have been reported in the UK and Ireland.
Caption: Figure 12: Simulated force-displacement curves for the effect of CLET and EP's modulus (a) under 60[degrees]C and (b) under 90[degrees]C.
Since the first report in 1997 by Pellegrini et al., the efficacy of CLET to regenerate the ocular surface has been demonstrated in many reports [31, 81-83].
CLET, which is becoming increasingly common, is the most advanced treatment method based on existing techniques.
Regional anaesthesia for clet lip repair: A preliminary study.
One other CLET tip: The CLET refill pump comes with a nipple.
For example, street sign art project, developed by Clet Abraham, reinterprets simple forms of road signs, proposing small funny scenes.
Harland, "Palate re-repair revisited," Clet Palate-Craniofacial Journal, vol.
(1980), Gestion de la banque, 2nd Edition, CLET Editions, Paris
The panelists were Barbara Frank (Washington Women's Art Center), Maryann King (NAME Gallery), Rachel Rolon de Clet (Soho 20), Hollis Sigler (Artemisia Gallery), Monika Wehrenberg (ARC Gallery), arid Paula Prokopoff (chairperson).
Taking [U.sub.[infinity]] as [U.sub.[infinity]] = B where B is a constant, introducing a stream function [psi], Pe'clet number ([Pe.sub.x]), non-dimensional functions f, [theta]; a similarity variable [eta] and radiative flux qr through the relations