CLEUDCertificate of Lawfulness of Existing Use or Development
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So, for example, a spare barn drifts into becoming a repair centre for agricultural machinery - obtaining a CLEUD would regularise the position were planners to object.
In these circumstances a CLEUD is comparable to making a planning application - there is the same need to pay a fee and an opportunity to appeal if the decision goes against you.
And if councils are not on the ball with enforcement a CLEUD can also be of use.
However be aware that a CLEUD can be revoked if it transpires that the information submitted in support of a planning application is incorrect - such as the time periods of the unlawful use or the descriptions of the use itself.
Lodders has been successful with both versions of CLEUDs.
And we have achieved CLEUDs where the main employment is not agriculture and on the basis of other non-lawful uses.
You can apply for a CLEUD and, if granted, this regularises the position.
The local authority is obliged to keep a register of all CLEUDs that have been issued within its area.