CLFRCompact Linear Fresnel Reflector (solar energy)
CLFRCentre Linguistique Franco-Russe (French: Franco-Russian Language Center)
CLFRCold Lake Fire-Rescue (Alberta, Canada)
CLFRCloud Fraction
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I have seen, firsthand, the benefits to people, water and wildlife the work of this program is doing," Jeanetter Nordahl, a long-time local resident, tells the CLFR Coalition Steering Committee.
Secondly, the technology provider Areva Solar exited its entire CSP operation, including CLFR engineering that it pioneered.
The approval of 10 new CFLR projects to receive funding in 2012, the continuation of funding for 10 other CFLR projects and the designation of three additional high-priority CLFR projects to be funded out of a separate budget resulted from bipartisan Congressional support.
Thanks to their significant collaboration, AREVA s solar team and Sandia s molten salt technology experts have developed an innovative approach to energy storage that combines the molten salt test loop (MSTL) with AREVA s CLFR applications.
The modern CLFR Technology for the project is given by Areva Solar of France, which is simple in design, having least environmental spill, lesser land necessity and is more competent than other solar thermal technologies available.
CLFR (compact linear Fresnel reflector) technology based project is being put up at a cost of Rs 2,100 crore, next to a 40 MW solar photovoltaic plant commissioned by the firm in 2012.