CLFXConvoy Live Fire Exercise
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Finally, always validate observer-controller/trainer teams prior to the CLFX in order to create a shared understanding of administrative controls within the lane.
By reducing the hours of some of the highly technical blocks of instruction, instructors could introduce students to basic CLFX planning.
In order to adequately train mounted skill sets, sustainment leaders must be acquainted with applying SDZs in CLFX planning.
In the meantime, leaders must seek mentorship from maneuver counterparts and develop an understanding of using SDZ planning schemes to design range safety deviations in a CLFX. In doing so, sustainment leaders may bypass "range-isms" and plan a CLFX that incorporates realistic training with suitable safety measures.
The following is an example of a CLFX scenario used in a field-training exercise: A light medium tactical vehicle containing soldiers and critical supplies is traveling through enemy territory to resupply the front line.
There are four essential components to be considered when setting up a CLFX:
By inculcating squad and platoon LFXs, and convoy LFXs (CLFXs) as culminating events, soldiers and leaders train toward battle-focused "high-payoff" individual, leader, and collective tasks necessary to accomplish important military police missions.