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CLGCommunities and Local Government (UK)
CLGCompany Limited by Guarantee (corporate structure; UK and Ireland)
CLGCounter Logic Gaming (gaming clan)
CLGCommunity Liaison Group
CLGCumann Lúthchleas Gael (Club of the Gaelic Athletic Association)
CLGContinuous Learning Group (Pittsburgh, PA)
CLGCalling Line
CLGChange to Lower Grade (civilian personnel)
CLGConsejo de Lectura de Guatemala (Spanish)
CLGCargo Loading Manual (TMINS)
CLGCivilian Labor Group
CLGLight Cruiser, Guided Missile
CLGCabinetized Line Gateway
CLGCitizens for Legitimate Government
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Aspirational branding and positioning: The sustainability challenge for CLG is how to become an aspirational model versus an efficiency machine.
Mr De Bruyn said CLG has had a long and fruitful relationship with Bapco, and was looking forward to building on this productive history, and working together, as Bapco embarks on the BMP.
As with most of the Immigration lawyers across Canada, CLG has had to adapt its services in response to laws and policies that change on a daily basis.
Leon de Bruyn, managing director of CLG, added, "We continually invest to provide our licensees with world-class process technology, catalysts and support services.
This lead authority will have responsibility for drawing down funding from CLG, investing in projects and administering the fund in addition to procedures for ensuring transparency and accountability.
CLG said the number of new housing starts during the three months was 84 per cent higher than in the first quarter of 2009.
Department for Education pounds 670 million Department for Transport pounds 683 million Communities and Local Government pounds 780 million CLG Local Government pounds 405 million Business Innovation and Skills pounds 836 million Home Office pounds 367 million Ministry of Justice pounds 325 million Law Officers' Departments pounds 18 million Foreign and Commonwealth Office pounds 55 million Department for Energy and Climate Change pounds 85 million Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs pounds 162 million Department for Culture Media and Sport pounds 88 million Department for Work and Pensions pounds 535 million Chancellor's Departments pounds 451 million Cabinet Office pounds 79 million Devolved Administrations pounds 704 million TOTAL: pounds 6,243bn
The cluster is called CLG J02182-05102 and contains approximately 60 galaxies, including several enormous red galaxies at its centre holding 10 times as many stars as the Milky Way.
CLG [department of Communities and Local Government] must respect that right.
One million firms nationally will see an average decrease of pounds 770 in 2010-11, according to CLG, while for those hit with a rise a pounds 2bn relief scheme will phase in increases over the five-year period.
Of those still out of their homes, 173 households were local authority or housing association tenants, figures from CLG said.
Quando a recepcao de Saussure acabou-se, aquela que havia comecado com as resenhas do CLG e que se estendeu, de maneira problematica, na obra de linguistas isolados ou no trabalho de linguistas reunidos, em funcao de interesses que ultrapassavam amplamente a pessoa e a obra do sabio genebrino, abriu-se entao um espaco livre para uma 're-'descoberta de Saussure, alem das fronteiras da disciplina e por meio de certo numero de personalidades que se revezavam nessa funcao, particular e naturalmente, sensiveis a tematizacao do "semiologico".