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(12) While the actual entry reads imens : cinn (ClGl 1 (Stryker) 3388), Herbert Meritt suggests that the <s> should be assigned to the gloss and that the lemma represents L hymen (< Gr.
An explanation of ClGl 1 (Stryker) 3388 should start by looking at a gloss in London, British Library MS Additional 32246, one of the manuscripts of the so-called Antwerp Glossary.
Rusche suggests that the source of ClGl 1 (Stryker) 4201 is the following Isidorean explanation for mastruca: (40)
two terms referring to the act of spoiling, as well as the actual spoils, of the slain: walreaf < ON valr+OE reaf in LawWal 1 vs woelreaf < OE woel + OE reaf in Fates 95, ClGl 1 (Stryker) 3923 and ClGl 3 (Quinn) 629.