CLGSCenter for Local Government Services (Pennsylvania)
CLGSCenter for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry (Pacific School of Religion)
CLGSCentre for Law, Gender and Sexuality (Arts & Humanities Research Council; UK)
CLGSCooperating Libraries of Greater Springfield (Springfield, MA)
CLGSCommunity Living Greater Sudbury (est. 1963; Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)
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As part of the research process the CLGs were asked to work cooperatively to complete goal oriented activities.
Once the CLGs had analyzed the data for trends and gaps, the fourth layer of tasks requested that they work collaboratively to create new and adapt existing science integrating learning objectives in order to increase: a) the number of science integrating learning objectives within at least one course of study; and b) the level of cognitive processing elicited by the science learning objectives utilized by the agriculture teacher in at least one course of study.
Un ejemplo, es la presentacion de la "Declaracion ciudadana por la vida y la familia" ante la CLGS (5).
Es decir, el traslado de la CLGS a las diferentes legislaturas provinciales en cierta manera inscribio en el proceso la posibilidad de planificar movilizaciones a nivel local.
The objectives of our study were (i) to determine the location of translocation breakpoints by testing linkage with loci of CLG 6 ([Df.sub.2] and [Y.sub.11]), CLG 8 ([Adh.sub.1], [Ms.sub.1], [Ms.sub.6], [St.sub.5], [W.sub.1], and [Y.sub.23]), and other CLGs, and (ii) to confirm the orientation of these nine marker loci.
In a separate study with CLG 6 loci, Palmer (1985) reported a gene order of [Y.sub.11], [Df.sub.2], breakpoint.
The initial step in modeling costs was to develop the CLGs, used in the population, cost, and capitation components, that identify groups of individuals with relatively homogeneous Medicare cost profiles.
Table 4 shows the population estimates, broken down by CLGs, for the 1994 NLTCS and 1996 MCBS.
SOYBEAN classical linkage group 8 (CLG 8), currently defined by seven gene loci ([Adh.sub.1], [Ms.sub.1], [Ms.sub.6], [St.sub.5], [W.sub.1], Wm, and [Y.sub.23]), has been assigned to the nucleolus-organizing region (NOR) or satellite chromosome (Sadanaga and Grindeland, 1984), which was identified as chromosome 13 (Singh and Hymowitz, 1988).