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CLHEConstrained Local Histogram Equalization
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Prior to the robust SIFT keypoints detection stages the established vein image sets are preprocessed for contrast enhancement by LNFE methods: IN, GLS, CS, GC, LS, UM, HBF, HF, INE, and DoG, by HEs methods: HE, AHE, CLHE, and CLAHE, and by HEM methods: IHE, DHE, RASF, HHE, and HEHBF.
Caption: FIGURE 3: Illustration of the images after different CEs process: (A) CE processed by LNFEs including IN, GLS, CS, GC08, LS, UM, HBF, HF, and INE, respectively (the first one is the original vein image); (B) CE processed by HEs including HE, AHE, CLAHE, and CLHE, respectively; (C) CE processed by HEM including IHE, DHE, RASF, HHE, and HEHBF, respectively.
CLHE business may have been redirected to suppliers like Opening Lines, whose brochure promises "a convenient and efficient way for researchers to receive fetal tissue without a lot of bureaucracy" (emphasis added).