CLHICanadian Lifelong Health Initiative (genetic and environmental study; Canadian Institutes of Health Research)
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The proposed Canadian Lifelong Health Initiative (CLHI) relies on this capability.
A proactive response to the issues raised here, which is more in keeping with the long time frame anticipated for research programs like CLHI, would actively seek out knowledge and experience from outside the research community, by empowering research participants, data subjects and similarly situated individuals.
As noted, the scenarios outlined in this article do not involve genetic information, although its collection is integral to the design of research platforms like Biobank and CLHI. Heightened public sensitivities about possible (mis)uses of health information, and the likelihood that those sensitivities will increase during the long time frame contemplated for such studies, mean that scientific researchers and funding agencies committed to such projects are well advised to 'go the extra mile' (or two, or three) to anticipate and address both matters of public perception and genuine ethical problems such as those identified here.