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CLICKCenter for LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) Information Coordination and Knowledge
CLICKChild Life Interactive Computers for Kids (Canada)
CLICKCreating Literacy in Computer Knowledge (Durham, NC)
CLICKCommunity Leadership Institute for Change Knowledge (training program)
CLICKCommunity for Linking Internet Companies in Kansai (Kansai, Japan)
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Then Milsom laughed too, for the frantic clicks from Los Angeles ran: "We want to know why - why - why?
Then click on OK, which opens a Stop Recording toolbar option window, but do not click on the Stop Recording button until you reach your data target, see the screenshot below).
We see a great opportunity to get people who travel by bus up on an airplane, where it takes a tenth of the time to travel and the difference in price is minimal," says Isaac Volin, Click Mexicana's general director.
The answer is not so cut and dried as some might want to make out and I fervently believe that we shouldn't insist on an outright ban on the use of click here," Davison wrote.
On the left side of the screen, click the TM that contains the operator or maintenance TM you need.
At Web ReLeaf, a website launched by American Forests and the Environmental News Network, every 20 clicks plants a tree to restore forest ecosystems and habitat for endangered species.
CLICK HERE if you'd rather trade this team's new owner for the old owner.
Killer whales use both single clicks and click trains during echolocation, Barrett-Lennard and his colleagues report.
Click on the "Traffic Light" button (also referred to as the "Go" command) on the button bar across the top of the screen.
Now in its fourth year, the Click Fraud Index monitors and reports on data gathered from the Click Fraud Network[TM], which provides statistically significant industry PPC data collected from online advertising campaigns for both large and small companies across all the leading search engines.
Then click on Data, Import External Data (exhibit 1, below) and select New Database Query.