CLIDCalling Line Identification
CLIDCalling Line Identification Display (cell phones)
CLIDCluster Identifier
CLIDCaller Line Identity Display (telecommunication identifier service)
CLIDCalendar Life Identified
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The digital integration delivers scalability from 4 to 64 ports, support for ANI, CLID and DNIS for use in intelligent call routing applications and instantaneous call processing.
CLID may be used to index a database attached to the PBX so that account information for the calling customer can be displayed to the attendant as the call is received, thereby reducing the attendant's average call work time.
CLID also reduces or eliminates the need for auto-callback equipment in dial-up computer applications.
Smart2 Functionality - Full ISDN signaling - DTMF and call progress tones detection and generation - FSK modulation for CLID services - Ring generation - V.
The ISDN PRI application provides call routing and circuit allocation using CLID (called line identification) and CLIN (calling line information number).