CLIDEContact Lens Induced Dry Eye
CLIDECelebrating Leadership in Development Excellence (awards program; est. 2003)
CLIDECross Link Integrated Development Environment (US NASA; satellite communications)
CLIDEContact Line Dynamics Experiment
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Gremiger, Clide (2003b) Using information and Communication Technologies in the Production of Texts in Secondary Schools: A Shared Commitment of Pedagogical Training, en ICT and the transformation of the L1 curriculum, L1-education Studies in Language and Literature, Kluwer Academic Publishers.
An issue that has to be considered is whether too much attention to detail, as to what is reported and when, will actually be very productive in terms of either diagnosis and / or management of the CLIDE.
a patient with slightly blurred vision due to CLIDE is perhaps not able to reliably judge how non-red or 'white' their eyes are
69) Further details of the aetiology and management of CLIDE will be covered in articles in OT later this year.
Clide Cassity, PTEC director, calls this effort one of the most exciting things in which the school has been involved because it is truly changing people's lives.
Spothelfer added, "Market validation of our wireless and packet-voice products continues to be strong as exhibited by UTStarcom initiating its first deployment purchase orders and NASA selecting Spectrum's SDR-3000 technology for its CLIDE program.
The SDR-3000 provides a rapid prototyping platform for the CLIDE program.
NASA's CLIDE Project will develop inter-satellite cross links, or communications links between satellites, enabling lower cost constellations of satellites to provide critical scientific data in a timely fashion.
In the detection of the device capabilities, Gproxy also uses CLIDES (Client Device Score) services, developed in the past year by Gproxy.
MIAMI -- Gproxy Design, a leading Interactive Agency specialized in eCommerce solutions that provides design, development, online marketing and UI/UX consulting services, launched last week their latest product CLIDES (Client Device Score).
Through installing a free-of-charge script in a website, CLIDES can provide information about the visitors' CPU, bandwidth, screen resolution, among other details.