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Compute all withholding tax using the appropriate rates, taking into account: (i) documentation indicating that a treaty provides a reduced withholding rate or an exemption from withholding; (ii) the use of preferential capital gain rates; Clii) the use of losses and deductions available to a partner; and (iv) qualification of a partner for the de minimis exemption from withholding.
Till our sins are effectually discovered to us, we will never seek salvation seriously, and in good earnest." Arthur Hildesham, CLII Lectures upon Psalme LI (London, 1635), 52.
7-8, 'Non vedi tu ch'i' ho piu d'una spanna | lungha et largha la loggia che 'l becchetto', is equally reminiscent of SdB, CLII. 16-17, 'di giudici e pedanti si scorretti | che hanno maggior la loggia che 'becchetti'; for XXI.
(London, 1820), 3: 564, 566; Firmin, "To the Reader," Real Christian; Arthur Hildersham, CLII Lectures upon Psalme LI (London, 1635), 652ff.
'In view of the above, we while allowing the writ petition as prayed for, declared the notification dated 29.05.2018 whereby Fata Interim Governance Regulation, 2018, was promulgated, as ultra vires of the Constitution, to the extent of allowing the commissioners to act as judges; council of elders deciding civil and criminal matters; constitution of qaumi jirgas; modified applications of Chapter VIII and CLII of the Code of Criminal Procedure for security; Third schedule (of the regulation); administered areas, and after one month from the date of judgment any decision of civil or criminal nature would be void ab-initio,' it ruled.