CLIMCommon Lisp Interface Manager
CLIMCooperative Learning in Multicultural (education strategy)
CLIMConsultancy for Leading Interactive Media (Netherlands)
CLIMCentraal Landelijk Informatiepunt Milieudelicten (Dutch: Central National Information Environmental Crimes; Ministry of Housing)
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"I may be able to clim' along the bank perhaps--I can clim' better than they.
She had made a visit of a week at the brick house; and Miranda's impression, conveyed in privacy to Jane, was that Hannah was close as the bark of a tree, and consid'able selfish too; that when she'd clim' as fur as she could in the world, she'd kick the ladder out from under her, everlastin' quick; that, on being sounded as to her ability to be of use to the younger children in the future, she said she guessed she'd done her share a'ready, and she wan't goin' to burden Will with her poor relations.
After a review of the gap in the literature, the Complexity Leadership Interaction Mode (CLIM) construct is described in more detail.
The China Fund Inc (NYSE:CHN) and City of London Investment Management Company Limited (CLIM) jointly disclosed on Friday they have signed a preliminary agreement related to several matters and the fund's intent to withdraw the lawsuit filed in the Federal Court in the Southern District of New York against CLIM and other defendants.
Vegan 6.4 Vegetarian 8.4 Fish-eating 8.6 Low meat-eating 10.3 Medium meat-eating 12.4 High meat-eating 15.9 Pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents per person per day Source: Clim. Change 125: 179, 2014.
City of London Investment Management (CLIM) has announced a program using Sustainalytics environmental, social and governance (ESG) awareness in emerging market investment trusts and closed-end funds.
Robstep Robin M1 PS2,460 from CLIM | B on board, shift yourself forwards, back- back wards or side-to-side, and off you go.
Variacao da temperatura superficial ([degrees]C) por quadrante nos aviarios Quadrante TSMA Clim. Conv.
Its coral strands, in nickel-plated aluminium, climb the sides of the glass lantern allowing the candle within to cast a delicate glow full of interesting th bth th HLa str nic alu clim of t lan the to c glow inte shadows.
su Bl wh boT exp Plu big It touc Infin clim The star of the show is expected to be the Connect Plus, which Kia say will be the seller in the range.