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CLIMECoopers & Lybrand Information Management Environment
CLIMEClimate and Lake Impacts in Europe (environmental project)
CLIMECenter for Liberty in the Middle East (Washington, DC)
CLIMEComputerized Legal Information Management and Explanation (UK)
CLIMECouncil for Logo in Mathematics Education
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How do birds living in diverse areas and climes manage to time their period of migration with so much accuracy and precision?
LINGFIELD: 2.00 Mugazala, 2.30 Barolo Top, 3.00 Cooler Climes (nap), 3.30 Gin Twist, 4.00 Six Of Clubs, 4.30 Chjimes, 5.00 Camborne.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.00 Mugazala (nap), 2.30 Barolo Top, 3.00 Cooler Climes (nb), 3.30 Gin Twist, 4.00 Six Of Clubs, 4.30 Chjimes, 5.00 Camborne.
And the consequences of picking a mediocre mate are magnified in harsher climes.
Until then though, there are ocean-hued S2A lace-ups to keep us on a stylishly even keel through pedicure-shy climes.
Maybe that is why officials from more glamourous climes of Mexico and New Zealand failed to make formal bids to the IAAF to stage the World Half Marathon Championships next year.
MANY people escaping to warmer climes may be tempted to buy the exotic souvenirs they see in markets, bazaars and shops.
IF you decided to stay at home this year instead of jetting off to sunnier climes, you may be feeling a little down...
In exchanging the temperate eastern seaboard for the more extreme high desert climes of Arizona, Joy, like generations of American artists, poets, writers and architects before him from Georgia O'Keeffe to James Turrell, has been transfixed and lured by the Southwest's intoxicating landscape and light.
The latter, a series of related adventures befalling Odysseus as he tries to return home from battle, is characterized by exotic climes, fantastical creatures and plenty of action.
When Grady lags behind when the rest of her family leaves for warmer climes, the youngster learns the hard way what loneliness is.