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CLINContract Line Item Number
CLINComité de Lutte contre les Infections Nosocomiales (French: Committee for the Fight against Nosocomial Infections)
CLINCommunity Learning and Information Network
CLINCustomer Line Item Number
CLINChronic Lymphocytic Interstitial Nephritis (Swine Leptospirosis)
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(7) The Air Force paid this amount in accordance with CLIN 0001AC.
(9) M.G.'s total claim, $2.30 per square loot, is calculated by adding CLIN 0001AA and CLIN 0001AC.
** Upon end item delivery, allocate end item costs per contract line item number (CLIN) or sub-contract line item number (SLIN) structure
Within the identified contracts, separate types of items must be priced separately using separate CLINs or sub-line item numbers (SLINs).
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