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CLIPCarnegie Libraries in Iowa Project
CLIPCytoplasmic Linker Protein
CLIPClassical Ip
CLIPCalling Line Identification Presentation
CLIPConnected Line Identification Presentation
CLIPChurch Leader Internet Portal
CLIPCommunity Leader Influencer Program
CLIPCalling Line Identity Presentation
CLIPCorporate Learning Improvement Process
CLIPCurrent List Price
CLIPClass II-Associated Invariant Chain Peptide
CLIPCancer of the Liver Italian Program
CLIPComputers, Literature and Philology (conference)
CLIPComputational Linguistics and Information Processing (University of Maryland)
CLIPCommon Link Integration Processing
CLIPCritical Literacy in Practice (podcast)
CLIPConstruction Lean Improvement Programme
CLIPClinical Laboratory Improvement Program
CLIPClassical IP and ARP over ATM (IETF RFC 2225)
CLIPClimates of the Past
CLIPCollaborative Literacy Intervention Project
CLIPCompiler Language for Information Processing
CLIPColorado Legal Initiatives Project
CLIPCross Language Information Processing (Workshop)
CLIPCollegiate Leadership Internship Program
CLIPCanadian Letters and Images Project
CLIPCreative Learning in Practice
CLIPContemporary Landscape Inquiry Project
CLIPCrime Laboratory Improvement Program
CLIPCareer Ladder Incentive Program
CLIPCentral Local Information Partnership
CLIPclass II invariant chain peptide
CLIPCrew List Index Project (British merchant seamen records)
CLIPCorticotropin-Like-Intermediate Peptide
CLIPClinical Improvement Projects
CLIPComputational Logic Implementation and Parallelism (Laboratory)
CLIPCroydon Libraries Internet Project
CLIPClient Layer Interface Port
CLIPCorticotrophin-Like-Intermediate Lobe Peptide
CLIPCellular Logic Image Processor
CLIPCalling Line Identification and Presentation
CLIPCenter's Legal Initiative Project
CLIPCommunity Life Improvement Programme
CLIPCertifiable Linux Integration Platform
CLIPChemical Laboratory Information Profile
CLIPCollege Library Information Packet
CLIPCollege Library Instruction Programs
CLIPClassical Internet Protocol
CLIPCebu Light Industrial Park (Philippines)
CLIPCell Loss Integration Period
CLIPCivic Leaders Internship Program (Missouri)
CLIPCommunity Learning and Innovation Partnership
CLIPCombined Laser Instrumentation Package (NASA)
CLIPComputerized Language Information Processing (radiologic reporting)
CLIPContractual Liability Insurance Policy
CLIPComponent Library Integration Package
CLIPClinical Posting
CLIPClassical Language Instruction Program
CLIPCommunity Liaison Information Point
CLIPChicago Latinos in Philanthropy
CLIPCooperative Lifestyle Intervention Program
CLIPComparison of Language Intervention Programs
CLIPClosed Loop Incremental Positioner
CLIPConfirmed Line Item Performance
CLIPCivilian Life Is Preferred
CLIPClean Lakes Incentive Program
CLIPCentral Luzon Irrigation Project
CLIPCitizen Lake Improvement Program (Ohio)
CLIPClass Library for Image Processing
CLIPCrew Loads Instrumented Panel
CLIPCapitolunate Instability Pattern
CLIPClose Loop Improvement Process
CLIPCall Line Identification Present
CLIPConfiguration & Logistics Information Program
CLIPCrew Loads Instrumented Pallet (NASA)
CLIPCoalfield Learning Initiative Partnership
CLIPCodeline Integrity Principle
CLIPCredit Line Increase Program
CLIPCommitted Line Item Performance
CLIPContinuous Library Improvement Program
CLIPComponent Level Information Package
CLIPCaller Line Identification Protocol
CLIPCluster on Innovation Projects
CLIPContracted Learning Individual Program
CLIPCommon Link Integration Processor (US Navy and US Air Force)
CLIPCommercial Lamp Installation Program
CLIPCentre for Legal Information and Publications
CLIPCDEV Linear Internet Protocol
CLIPCraft Life Improvement Program
CLIPContent and Language Integrated Teaching Pilot
CLIPCovert Lateral International Program (gaming)
CLIPCanadian Laboratories of Innovations in Proteolysis
CLIPCorrectional Ladies Improving Pets (Illinois Department of Corrections)
CLIPCombustion Life Improvement Package
CLIPCancel Launch in Progress
CLIPCommission Locale Interpartenaire (French)
CLIPCommon Link Interface Processor
CLIPComisión Local Intersectorial de Plaguicidas (Pan American Health Organization)
CLIPCore Learning Improvement Plan
CLIPCountry Logistics Improvement Program
CLIPCalling Line Identification Parameter
CLIPComposite Liners in Pipelines
CLIPCancel Launch In Process
CLIPCenter for Language and Information Processing
CLIPCUNY Language Immersion Program (Long Island City (Queens), NY)
CLIPCollective Limit Position
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Google Clips comes with Moment IQ, a machine learning algorithm that allows it to recognize when to take images based on expressions, lighting and framing.
For example, during my capture workflow, the clip was processed by the Black-magic card to transmit via HDMI, and then scaled by the Monarch during capture.
Remove all locking pin clips from the tow bar pins and eyeball them for cracks or breaks.
In the clip Amal lives a quiet and peaceful life and she persuade the way she lives through the simple dE[umlaut]cor in the mid of a beautiful nature and scenes of the sea which is where the filming took place.
3 Hook two paper clips onto the clip that is wedged inside the pen cap.
Going forward, MPI will proactively promote the clip appliers while developing high value-added laparoscopic instruments so that it can reinforce its medical apparatus business.
To address these questions, researchers working with emergency room physicians randomly assigned 1,063 patients with bleeding brain aneurysms to receive coils and 1,055 others to get a clip.
Jennifer Cooney, a dental treatment coordinator, said she had to go to the emergency room and underwent X-rays, a colonoscopy and other medical procedures after swallowing the inch-square clip.
Will the fact that the teachers specifically included the plight of Europe's gay people in the paper clip project have any effect at all?
After doing research, they decided on paper clips, which Norwegians wore to protest anti-Semitism (prejudice against Jewish people) during World War II.
The service also enables access to a cache of full-color HTML-formatted clips as part of a Web-based "Digital Clip Book," that enables clients to batch print selected groups of clips for internal circulation.
The panel seemed to agree that the clip of a group pre-piano class of kindergarteners was not student-centered.