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These products bolster the already substantial cell imaging product offerings of Molecular Devices, which include the Fluorometric Imaging Plate Reader (FLIPR) system, along with updated versions FLIPR 2, FLIPR 3 and the Chemiluminescence Imaging Plate Reader (CLIPR) high-throughput cell-based assay screening system.
introduced a series of DNA chips for genetic testing and other applications...Molecular Devices introduced CLIPR, a 1536-well advanced chemi-luminescence imaging plate reader system designed for ultra high-throughput screening and drug discovery applications...Amersham Pharmacia Biotech announced that the University of Washington will release a new version of PHRED, a crucial sequencing data analysis program used by high-throughput DNA sequencing facilities, that is re-calibrated for data produced by the MageBACE 1000 DNA sequencer...Affymetrix introduced the GeneChip HuSNP Mapping Assay, which will reduce sample and reagent consumption...PerkinElmer introduced new sulfur analyzers to detect sulfur components in beverage grade CO2.