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CLIPSC Language Integrated Production System (expert system development environment)
CLIPSClimate Information and Prediction Services (WMO)
CLIPSChemical List Index and Processing System
CLIPScommunications link interface planning system (US DoD)
CLIPSClientless IP Service Selection
CLIPSCalculator Link Information Processing System
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Google Clips comes with Moment IQ, a machine learning algorithm that allows it to recognize when to take images based on expressions, lighting and framing.
Next, I measured the quality of the source and transcoded clips using the Moscow University Video Quality Measurement Tool (VQMT), and the SSIM-Wave Video Quality of Experience Monitor (SQM), which you can read more about in "Using Objective Quality Measurement Tools" on page 146.
Forbes named Great Clips as the top hair care franchise and ranked the company number 7 overall in its 2011 list of the "Top 20 Franchises to Start," which takes into account initial investment, store survival rates and hours of training offered to new franchisees.
Remove all locking pin clips from the tow bar pins and eyeball them for cracks or breaks.
Tattle Tails, handmade tassels, were designed to add dazzle to the Clever Clip and are available in three styles.
The new clip is produced by 'Melody Music Production Company' in Lebanon.
Keep adding clips until the fish floats vertically.
Going forward, MPI will proactively promote the clip appliers while developing high value-added laparoscopic instruments so that it can reinforce its medical apparatus business.
In this study, patients getting coils were about half as likely to have seizures as were patients getting clips.
Jennifer Cooney, a dental treatment coordinator, said she had to go to the emergency room and underwent X-rays, a colonoscopy and other medical procedures after swallowing the inch-square clip.
During the '40s, they'd learned, Norwegians wore paper clips on their collars to acknowledge friends and loved ones in the camps.
After doing research, they decided on paper clips, which Norwegians wore to protest anti-Semitism (prejudice against Jewish people) during World War II.