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CLIPSC Language Integrated Production System
CLIPSC Language Integrated Production System (expert system development environment)
CLIPSClimate Information and Prediction Services (WMO)
CLIPSCommunications Link Interface Planning System (US DoD)
CLIPSChemical List Index and Processing System
CLIPSClientless IP Service Selection
CLIPSCalculator Link Information Processing System
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These costs made the Filshie clip appealing from a financial standpoint and countered the argument that the Pomeroy method is less expensive because it relies on "just cheap sutures." In actuality, performing a procedure using Filshie clips may be the equivalent or significantly less than the cost of using the Pomeroy method.
Because the clips would not be ready for the fall semester, another plan was put into place.
1 Pull slightly on the outer wire of a paper clip. This will unbend the clip so it becomes a little wider.
Going forward, MPI will proactively promote the clip appliers while developing high value-added laparoscopic instruments so that it can reinforce its medical apparatus business.
The channel was launched in October last year and has received more than 30,000 mini movie clips from its customers mobile phones so far.
"For example, I'm doing a unit on what are the most appropriate ways to protest in our society and I can lead off the discussion with a clip on Cindy Sheehan [the anti-war protester].
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-29 September 2005-Capacity Networks launches video clip sharing service(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
In this study, patients getting coils were about half as likely to have seizures as were patients getting clips.
The video clips vary in length from 18 seconds to three minutes, with many falling in the one- to two-minute range.
Twenty-nine million (and counting) paper clips later, the German journalists brought the town one of the actual cattle cars that was used to transport Jews to the concentration camps.
After doing research, they decided on paper clips, which Norwegians wore to protest anti-Semitism (prejudice against Jewish people) during World War II.