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CLIPSC Language Integrated Production System (expert system development environment)
CLIPSClimate Information and Prediction Services (WMO)
CLIPSChemical List Index and Processing System
CLIPScommunications link interface planning system (US DoD)
CLIPSClientless IP Service Selection
CLIPSCalculator Link Information Processing System
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Sport Clips Franchising is very excited about the launch of our new website as we feel it better represents Sport Clips' culture and supports our brand.
All bad clips have been purged from the Army supply system, but an unknown amount are still in use on fielded vehicles.
Tattle Tails, handmade tassels, were designed to add dazzle to the Clever Clip and are available in three styles.
The new clip is produced by 'Melody Music Production Company' in Lebanon.
Keep adding clips until the fish floats vertically.
The clip appliers, which measure 5mm in diameter, receive high acclaim with its less invasiveness.
Although clips were more effective in sealing off aneurysms and less likely to permit bleeding to resume at that site, the coils gave a patient the better chance of doing well in the long run.
A Burbank woman who suffered medical problems after she swallowed a plastic clip accidentally dropped into a container of wine purchased at a Kenny Chesney concert in 2003 has filed suit against the owners of Universal Amphitheatre.
Twenty-nine million (and counting) paper clips later, the German journalists brought the town one of the actual cattle cars that was used to transport Jews to the concentration camps.
The project started small, with a letter-writing campaign asking for donations of paper clips.
With new clips in hand I grabbed my S&W 625-6 and headed out to my backyard pistol range.
CyberAlert announced recently that it had upgraded its technology to enable faster, more accurate and relevant service with fewer missed clips.