CLIRCMClosed-Loop Infrared Countermeasures
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A LAIRCM Phase 2 system employing laser CLIRCM technology could equip a small-scale contingency of 79 aircraft (including C-17s, C-130s, KC-135s) to areas such as Bosnia, the Working Group Issue Brief said.
The $30-million program is funded though 2006 and will install 20 CLIRCM systems on twelve C-17s and eight C-130 turboprop transports.
8-million subcontract from on the USAF HAVE GLANCE program to design, develop, and test an advanced laser -- based CLIRCM processor and control -- display unit.
Even given CLIRCM success, the bigger issue for the SPO and users is affordability.
CLIRCM functionality presupposes many technical advances; the keys, however are sharp eyes and bright lasers.
The LAIRCM ATD - also known by the name of its subset, the Large Aircraft JR Flyout Experiment (LIFE), under which the ATD seeks the development of a functional CLIRCM testbed -- is examining a "quantum-well" (a two-layer photodetector), mercury-cadmium-telluride (HgCdTe), two-color, focal-plane-array warner.
The goal of the LAMBS' project is the development of the solid-state optical parametric-oscillator laser sources required for CLIRCM functionality.