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CLISTCommand List
CLISTClinical Librarians and Information Skills Trainers (est. 2002; UK)
CLISTCenter for Labor Information and Training
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Mr Clist told Worcestershire Coroners' Court on Wednesday: "I slowed to 10 to 15mph, Steven bolted towards the car and almost dived onto the bonnet.
PruningBFSKNNMapper (R, G): (1) for all {node, cList, distance) in R do (2) emit {node, cList, distance); (3) end for; (4) for all {from, to) in G do (5) if from.cList n C [greater than or equal to] k then (6) return; (7) else if from e C then (8) cList = cList [union]{from} (9) end if; (10) emit {to,cList, from.distance + [w.sub.from,to]); (11) end for; PruningBFSKNNReducer (output of PruningBFSKNNMapper): (12) for all key do (13) Let result{key, cList, value) = (0,0, + [infinity]); (14) for all value do (15) if value < result.value then (16) result = {key, cList, value); (17) else if value == result.value [LAMBDA] [absolute value of key.cList] > [absolute value of result.cList] then (18) result = {key, cList, value); (19) end if; (20) end for; (21) emit {result); (22) end for 5.1.
Craig Conway had opened the scoring for the visitors with 12 minutes gone, but the Bluebirds had been pegged back on the half-hour by a Simon Clist effort in a first-round tie which was engrossing, but rendered all rather questionable by international matters elsewhere.
Oxford: R Clarke, D Batt, M Duberry, J Wright (capt), J Constable, J Pittman (L Guy 62), A Hall, A Potter (D Smalley 91), A Whing, S Clist (P Leven 62), L Davis.
OXFORD UNITED: Clarke; Batt, Foster, Creighton, Kinniburgh; Bulman, Murray (Midson 82), Clist; Constable (Sandwith 85), Green (Chapman 68), Cook.
Sophia Clist, the artist who created Stretch, said: "I was always interested in creating a piece the viewer could interact with physically.
The Rovers midfielder converted low into the bottom corner of the net from 12 yards in the 39th minute, following Simon Clist's ball into the penalty area.
Goals from Chris Giles, Simon Clist and Stuart Fleetwood set up a second-round clash with Swindon.
FOREST GREEN: Robinson, Pitman, D Jones, Hardiker, Nicholson (Lamb, 64), Williams, Brough, Rigoglioso, Clist; Beesley, Carey-Bertram (Afful, 63).
Open access scholarly and professional electronic journals in computer, library, and information science and technology (CLIST) had been on my reading list, but not as much as I would have liked.
Holdings and Todd Clist of Marriott International, Inc.