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CLIXCross Layer Information Exchange
CLIXConstraint Language in XML (Extensible Markup Language; computing)
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Our in-house initiatives, including partnership with marketplace platforms such as CLIX, bring entrepreneurs and investors together in pursuit of aligning innovative ideas with the needs of today's market".
The Minister said that CLIX saw a high-level of interest as it received submissions from 364 applicants from 65 countries.
At Clix Capital we are using cutting edge technology, analytics and artificial intelligence to drive new and disruptive models of lending.
The Clix Enrich platform, created specifically for the healthcare industry, enables sophisticated clinical analysis to support a wide range of business and clinical applications, health information exchanges (Hies), providers, payers and organisations conducting clinical research all benefit from the narrative data unlocked by Clix Enrich, ultimately leading to improved population health.
Clix did just that with its social media and Facebook program, most recently creating an Easter Bunny event at its flagship Marietta, Ga.
Clix has full styling capabilities allowing curling and straightening with heat, just like your own hair - and it won't lose any of its shine, silkiness and colour.
Fronted by the same navigation system as the Clix 2, the L Player crams in support for almost every audio format as well as an FM tuner and Flash support.
Anyway, if you would like to know more about the new Clix agility kits, go to www.
For every $10 in Food City store brand purchases (which include the Food City, Food Club, Full Circle, Paws, ValuTime, Top Care, Academix, Domestix, Electrix, Easy Clix, World Classics, and Dining-In family of products) in a single shopping trip, shoppers will receive a $1 fuel/pharmacy buck.
The eight available Axe fragrances are Clix, Essence, Kilo, Orion, Phoenix, Touch, Tsunami and Unlimited.
Settlers of Catan, War Hammer 40K, Mage Knight and Hero Clix.
The anniversary festivities kick off this weekend at the family-owned store with sales and Magic, Hero Clix and Mech Warrior tournaments, a Warhammer painting contest, trivia contests and several giveaways.