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CLIXCross Layer Information Exchange
CLIXConstraint Language in XML (Extensible Markup Language; computing)
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The new platform sits on top of the company's core clinical processing software Clix and plugs into third party business intelligence and analytics solutions, said Clinithink CEO and founder Chris Tackaberry.
In addition to the law suit filed in the United Kingdom against Character Options and Brix n Clix, Spin Master has initiated a lawsuit against Zhongshan Techboy Electronic Technology Co.
5 million will have been invested in the energy efficient Clix Cooler project by the time it launches.
The Clix CD has a variety of different sounds on it including loud bangs, thunder, roadworks, transport noises such as planes, trains and emergency vehicle sirens, as well as household noises like vacuum cleaners, washing machines and babies crying.
Clix did just that with its social media and Facebook program, most recently creating an Easter Bunny event at its flagship Marietta, Ga.
Clix has full styling capabilities allowing curling and straightening with heat, just like your own hair - and it won't lose any of its shine, silkiness and colour.
It has a powered allglass roof which motors move so the Clix can be changed into different types of car.
I, Accademia Toscana di Scienze e Lettere `La Colombaria', `Studi' CLIX (Florence: Olschki, 1997).
The dual-engine, developed in 2012, is a culmination of the Health Language advanced Language Engine which normalizes disparate data through automated mapping and Clinithink's CLiX engine which translates narrative text into standardized codes.
The new round of funding will help advance the development and marketing of the CLinithink's new data abstraction platform Clix Enrich.
8220;CarbonClix launched the Clix Store in order to help combat the impact of convenience, without members needing to change their current shopping habits,” says Charlotte Carlsen Abraham, CarbonClix co-Founder.