CLKLCommunity Living Kawartha Lakes (Canada)
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The "clkl" and "clk2" are the clock frequencies of 250 kHz and 2 MHz, respectively.
Shenzhen Bay, Lok Ma Chau (Huanggang), Man Kam To and Sha Tau Kok) will be allowed to use the HZMB without the need to go through additional procedures on a trial basis only after the commissioning of the mainline of the South Connection of the TM- CLKL; Some of the construction vehicles going to the Hong Kong Port and Hong Kong International Airport for major works projects are restricted to use the connecting roads in the vicinity of the airport and Lantau Island during the non-peak hours only; If necessary, franchised buses travelling to and from the Hong Kong Port will be re-routed to use the connecting roads with lower traffic projections; and Traffic management measures will be taken proactively with the Police for traffic diversion and control.