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CLLCenter for Learning and Leadership (various organizations)
CLLChronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
CLLCircular Linked List (data structure)
CLLCommercial Lending and Leasing
CLLCorners of Last Layer (Rubik's Cube algorithm)
CLLCommunication Language and Literacy
CLLContract Limit Line
CLLCommission on Liquor Licensing (UK)
CLLCollege Station, TX, USA (Airport Code)
CLLCollege of Lifelong Learning
CLLCelestial Labs Ltd. (India)
CLLConveyor Logistics Limited (Bangladesh)
CLLCondominium Legal Liability (insurance)
CLLChief of Legislative Liaison
CLLCornell Law Library
CLLCorporate Lessons Learned (USACE)
CLLChronic Lymphatic Leukemia Foundation
CLLClub du Livre Libertaire (French: Libertarian Book Club)
CLLCapacitively-Loaded Loop
CLLChild Life-Line (est. 1994)
CLLCulture et Loisirs de Leuville (French: Leuville Culture and Recreation; Leuville-sur-Orge, France)
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In addition, CLL is rare in Asians, and the characteristics of CLL patients among an Asian population may not be similar to those in a Caucasian population.
Lymphoid, hematological, and solid tumor malignancies are seen more commonly than expected among the relatives of patients followed due to the diagnosis of CLL (5).
The treatment paradigm for CLL has changed significantly over the last few years.
The downregulation of miR-15a/16-1 because of a genomic deletion in patients with CLL showed a relationship between disordered miRNA expression and developed hematopoietic cancer.
3] Nonstandard abbreviations: miRNA, microRNA; CLL, chronic lymphocytic leukemia; LOH, loss of heterozygosity.
Chemo-immunotherapy is usually the first choice for treating CLL, but most patients eventually relapse and need further treatment.
He also notes that other research models that mimic the natural lymph node microenvironment have typically induced prolonged survival of CLL cells and made them resistant to in vitro chemotherapy.
Con esta tecnica se utiliza una membrana de muy alta permeabilidad para la extraccion de ultrafiltrado, y podria ser utilizada para la eliminacion de CLL, salvando el inconveniente de la perdida de albumina que tienen otras tecnicas.
15,16) A little more than 50 patients showing evidence of both CLL and PCM have been described in the English literature, most as case reports (17-44) and only 2 case series.
Patients with CLL have more than twice the risk of developing a second cancer, and this increased incidence is attributed to disease- or therapy-related immunosuppression (1).
These findings are truly exciting because they demonstrate ibrutinib's potential as a highly active, well-tolerated first-line therapy for CLL that produces a high rate of durable remissions," says study co-leader John C.