CLLICommon Language Location Identifier (unique identifier assigned by the local exchange carrier)
CLLICommon Language Location Identification (aka Common Language Location Indicator)
CLLICultural Landscape Legacies, Inc. (Muscoda, WI)
CLLICommon Language Location Indicator (aka Common Language Location Identification; telecommunications)
CLLICaribbean Language and Linguistics Institute (University of the West Indies; Jamaica)
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The existence of multiple CLLI codes for some zip code areas had an impact on the construction of the dataset.
Utilizing a powerful search mechanism, NEWEB enables quick access to network elements by searching for SCID, manufacturer, model, TID, CLLI codes as well as anything else the user creates in the NEWEB database.
CLLI(R) -- The most widely used of all the codes, CLLI codes describe locations (sites) ranging from earth satellite stations, to manholes, to Customer Premises Equipment.