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CLLRCOTS Lessons Learned Repository
CLLRCity of London Law Review (London, England, UK)
CLLRCell of Last Location Registration
CLLRCounty of Last Legal Residence (prisoner parole)
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A written question by Cllr Zaker Choudhry (Lib Dem, South Yardley) had asked Cllr Clancy which cabinet members were involved in agreeing the deal with Unite.
The Tories recently underwent a leadership change with new leader Cllr Ridley, and his deputy Cllr Allan Andrews, keen to clean up the image of the local party.
Cllr Jones says the cabinet decision now needs to be approved by Plaid Cymru's national executive.
Cllr John McIntosh - Labour - Everton CLLR McINTOSH is the chairman of the council's planning committee and was first elected onto the council back in 1983.
But after the meeting Cllr Cheryl Carlisle, Cllr Liz Roberts and former Conwy County Council leader Goronwy Edwards, who lost his seat on May 3 after 16 years, were dismayed that there aren't any women among the ten Cabinet posts.
Just as the official was responding to the query, Cllr Doyle interrupted.
Cllr Birdi was found to have been racially abusive to a Sri Lankan shopkeeper by the authors of two independent reports and the council's ethics committee.
Cllr Nigel Smith told councillors there was no adequate explanation for the reshuffle and "equality and diversity are not being taken seriously by the leader".
Cllr Jeffrey continued: "We believe Labour will be putting together a team made up of both experienced councillors and knowledgeable and enthusiastic new members, and by offering the vital scrutiny function to the opposition, shows we are acting in an open and transparent fashion.
It happened at the home of Cllr Aileen Pyne who told the court that she had never been as frightened in her life.
Fourteen Independents have broken away from their own group, which had been looking to try to undermine Plaid Cymru leader Cllr Dilwyn Roberts.
Cllr Mary Lanigan was elected as the authority's new leader on Thursday following the resignation of Cllr George Dunning at a meeting of the full council.