CLMAClinical Laboratory Management Association
CLMAContact Lens Manufacturers Association
CLMACariboo Lumber Manufacturers' Association (Canada)
CLMACertified Laban Movement Analyst)
CLMACanadian Lumber Manufacturers Association
CLMAChe-Lu Martial Arts
CLMACollegiate Middle Level Association
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In group CLMA, insertion was easy in 27/30 and difficult in 3/30.
Grafting GMA from CLMA macroinitialor (Example for GP2): MI2 (0.
The given variances of true breeding values for BW12, BW24, ADG, CWT, CLMA, CMS, ULMA, and UMS were 250, 620, 0.
CLMA, Calendar of Commitments to the Westminster House of Correction, WJ/CC/B 146, 24 June 1738; WJ/CC/B 147, 7 October 1738; WJ/CC/B 148, 6 January 1738; WJ/CC/B 149, 28 April 1739; WJ/CC/B 151, 5 January 1739; WJ/CC/B 152, 12 April 1740; WJ/CC/B 154, 1740; WJ/CC/R 7, 5 April 1738; WJ/CC/R 8, 22 June 1738; WJ/CC/R 9,4 October 1738; WJ/CC/R 10,1 April 1739; WJ/CC/R 11, 25 April 1739; WJ/CC/R 12, 12 July 1739; WJ/CC/R 6, 5 October 1737; WJ/CC/R 13, 3 January 1739; Calendar of Commitments to the Westminster House of Correction, WJ/CC/R 14, 1 April 1741.
ASCLS, ASCP, and CLMA staff and legislative liaisons, as well as members of the ASCLS Government Affairs Committee, discussed the federal budget proposals, competitive bidding for clinical laboratory services, potential legislation to modernize the clinical laboratory fee schedule, and the laboratory personnel shortage.
Patty has made a significant positive impact on her colleagues and customers throughout the industry, both through her volunteer activities as a CLMA member, and also through her professional career," said Chris Wild, Sunquest vice president of sales for the eastern U.
The official mission of CLMA is to empower laboratory professionals to achieve excellence in leadership through forward-thinking educational, networking, and advocacy opportunities.
The events, which are also cosponsored by ASCLS, ASCP, CLMA, and AGT (Association of Genetic Technologists), bring together members of the lab community as well as students in clinical lab education programs to learn about issues facing the industry and bring the labs' message to Members of Congress and their staffs.
They are day-dreaming about how their "strategic" response will play at their next Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions (ASAHP) or CLMA subcommittee meeting.
CLMA has added a session to its annual conference, June 24-28 in Anaheim, CA.
Other selected activities include being a fellow of the Association of Clinical Laboratory Scientists, a fellow of NACB, an advisor to the HCFA Medical Review Panel, which developed the ICD-IO-PCS system, a former member of the Chicagoland CLMA Board of Directors, an invited reviewer for several journals (including Clinical Chemistry and the Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine), and an observer to the NCCLS Electrolyte Subcommittee.
The announcement was made in advance of the CLMA ThinkLab '07 Conference & Exhibition in Houston, Texas, where IntelliDOT will demonstrate the technology in booth # 444.