CLMAClinical Laboratory Management Association
CLMAClosed Loop Medication Administration (medical software)
CLMAContact Lens Manufacturers Association
CLMACariboo Lumber Manufacturers' Association (Canada)
CLMACertified Laban Movement Analyst)
CLMACanadian Lumber Manufacturers Association
CLMAChe-Lu Martial Arts
CLMACollegiate Middle Level Association
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In its fourth year attending CLMA, the Society of American Federal Medical Laboratory Scientists (SAFMLS) is a non-profit organization established in 1971.
In group CLMA, insertion was easy in 27/30 and difficult in 3/30.
Synthesis of CLMA macroinitiators (MI1-MI2): The synthesis of prernacroinitiator P(MMA-co-CLMA) (5% of CLMA initial feed) and esteritication reaction yielding P(MMA-co-CLMABr) MI1 was described by authors earlier in Ref.
The trait means predetermined for males were 300, 435, 530, 300, 77, 2.3, 77, and 2.3 for BW12, BW24, ADG, CWT, CLMA, CMS, ULMA, and UMS, respectively, and trait means given for females were 215, 334, 530, 300, 77, 2.3, 77, and 2.3 for BW12, BW24, ADG, CWT, CLMA, CMS, ULMA, and UMS, respectively.
The air-Q ILA has many of the features of the cLMA. It consists of a tube with a distally located large inflatable cuff which is designed to be positioned in the hypopharynx.
She serves on the CLMA Patient Safety and Quality Committee, which recently developed the "Good Laboratory Practices" website, where laboratories can contribute and obtain ideas for improving patient safety.
The system will be previewed at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) and the Clinical Laboratory Management Association (CLMA) meetings this summer.
The Cariboo Lumber Manufacturers' Association (CLMA) and the Northern Forest Products Association (NFPA) have joined to form the Mountain Pine Beetle Emergency Task Force to fight the epidemic.
Abbreviations CLMA Corporation of London Metropolitan Archives
You can read a more detailed analysis, with facts and figures, in this month's "Washington Report," written by three members of the CLMA Legislative Compliance and Regulatory Committee (LCRC).
"Leg Day," as it is affectionately known, is when medical laboratorians from AMT, ASCP, ASCLS, CLMA, and AGT come together, discuss federal issues confronting the laboratory community, and then go spend a day visiting our state's representatives in Congress.