CLMSCenter for Labor Market Studies
CLMSCalifornia League of Middle Schools
CLMSCorriher-Lipe Middle School
CLMSControlled Low Strength Material (self-leveling and self-compacting cementitious material with an unconfined compressive strength of 1,200 psi or less)
CLMSContraceptive Logistics Management System
CLMSConnectionless Message Service
CLMSComponent and Library Management System
CLMSConstrained Least Mean Squares
CLMSCommodity Logistics Management System
CLMSClaims Loss Management System
CLMSCoin-Operated Leisure Machine Specialists (UK)
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As part of its plan, Cebuana Lhuillier is set to launch the eCebuana app, which will enable micro savers to check their balances and send money through remittance, load prepaid credits to their phones and settle their bills by integrating it to their CLMS account.
CLM: An abbreviation for "career-limiting move." It refers to any incident, such as spilling coffee on the boss, that puts a roadblock in your career path.
This article reports on the deliberations of the Wits HREC(M) that eventually led to the approval of a research project to transplant, and prospectively follow-up, patients presenting with CLMs at WDGMC.
Pavin Chachavalpongpun, an associate professor at Kyoto University's Center for Southeast Asian Studies in his commentary to the Japan Times said the Thailand plus one business model was an idea catalyzed by the Japanese business community, which had looked into the possibility of relocating some of its labor-intensive production into Thailand's neighboring countries, namely Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar (CLM).
Computer simulations are included in Section 3, which show that the mean square error (MSE) performance of NLS method can attain the optimum benchmark of the Cramer-Rao lower bound (CRLB) in the presence of white Gaussian disturbances and its superiority over the CLMS and ACLMS algorithms in frequency estimation is demonstrated.
One of the oldest techniques to create robust beamformer with respect to direction errors is adding derivative constraints to the CLMS beamformer.
Finally, the cells were mounted with 80% of glycerol and visualized under a luorescent laser microscope (CLMS FV300; Olympus Corp., Tokyo, Japan).
In addition, by providing an opportunity for the CML to learn about and directly experience the work environment of clinicians, the experience has enabled many CLMs to anticipate information needs and regularly deliver relevant documents or literature search results before they are actually requested [20-25].
We identify critical learning moments (CLMs) that occur during the process of engaging with communities and assisting in planning for social change efforts.
A new report by the Center for Labor Market Studies (CLMS) at Northeastern University entitled, "The Steep Decline in Teen Summer Employment in the U.S., 2000-2010 and the Bleak Outlook for the 2011 Summer Teen Job Market," shows that annual teen employment rates have dropped from nearly 46 percent in 2000 to under 27 percent in 2010, the lowest rate ever recorded in the nation's postwar history.
(CLMS) stock increased 4.78 percent to $16.21 in the pre-market trading.