CLMVCambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam (Asian sub-grouping)
CLMVCarl Larssons Mekaniska Verkstad (Swedish: Carl Larsson Mechanical Engineering; Goteburg, Sweden)
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These include 50 annual scholarships under the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) MGC Scholarship Scheme, six CLMV scholarships for master's programmes at Nalanda University and 10 scholarships for courses in Museology and Conservation Techniques at National Museum Institute, New Delhi.
'Phuket is a very important strategic flight base for Air-Asia that has grown steadily along with the addition of direct flights to CLMV cities such as Siem Reap,' he said.
Lee Chang-geun has analysed the determinants of South Korea's aid allocation to CLMV countries and found that there is a high correlation between Seoul's ODA and trade; however, the link between FDI and ODA is weak.
Puripan said: 'The partnership with Bangkok Airways is in line with Thailand's strategic development through collaboration with neighboring countries, especially those in the CLMV. In addition, it is TCEB's policy to work closely with the private sector to boost Thailand's MICE industry.
The introductory chapter by Koji Kubo clearly explains the classification of, and the motivations for holding foreign currency deposits (FCDs) in CLMV economies, shedding light on how they are measured, and the associated benefits and costs.
The space for developing nationally tailored solutions in poorer CLMV countries such as Cambodia is diminished, as is capacity for a less instrumental and more balanced approach to higher education.
We have a working paper which discusses the impact of China's upgrading and what kind of impact it has on the CLMV countries.
No subgrupo I.a, foram alocados os acessos 34, 18, 31, 4, 9, 2, 11, 32, 13, 26, 28 e 30, os quais tiveram como principal caracteristica o maior NTVP, NMSP e PHEC, combinado com menor CLMV, PMG, CICLO e PROD, se comparado com os demais grupos.
The Asian Development Bank has stated that responding positively to economic reforms, the economies of Cambodia, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Myanmar, and Viet Nam (CLMV) have shown tremendous growth since the mid 1980s, including in their respective agriculture sectors.
This group is commonly referred to as CLMV, although Vietnam is increasingly kept out of most supportive interventions due to its remarkable growth and largely successful distribution of it.
The group of countries comprising Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam --formerly known as the newer 'CLMV' members of ASEAN--is coming into its own.
The ACMECS summit is a follow-up of the 7th Summit of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV) held on Monday.