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CLNPConnectionless Network Protocol
CLNPCrater Lake National Park (Crater Lake, OR)
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The FAs compositions (% of total FAs) of rainbow trout fed with CLNP in Trial Groups, was given in Table 2.
In this study, the ratio of DHA/EPA in rainbow trout fed with CLNP was found to range from 4.
VIP is defined as an instance of the Virtual Network Protocol, a network layer protocol that provides the transport layer with host migration transparency and which is applicable to any connectionless-mode network protocol such as IP [7], CLNP [5], and Xerox Internet Datagram [17].
Also, we plan to apply the mechanisms of VIP to other connectionless-mode network layer protocols such as ISO CLNP.
This low cost solution provides OCS' innovative IP Tunneling with LAPD, ES-IS and CLNP protocol stacks providing an integrated communications solution to Network Element (NE) manufacturers with products designed to sit at the edge of the SONET network.
It will handle a variety of merchants Electronics Funds Transfer Point-Of-Sale (EFTPOS) terminal protocols including NIST, VISA, and CLNP, via a number of different network access mechanisms including PSTN and ISDN.
7, 1998--Callon Petroleum Company (Nasdaq/NMS: CLNP, CLNPP) announced today that the Eugene Island Block 335 No.