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CLNSConnectionless Network Service
CLNSConnectionless Mode Network Service
CLNSChild Labour News Service (Global March against Child Labour)
CLNSComplex Logarithmic Number System
CLNSCalifornia Library of Natural Sounds
CLNSCedar Lane Nursery School (Bethesda, MD)
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Studies evaluating CLNs with VTIQ shear wave elastography (SWE) and B-mode US are present in the literature (10-12).
(NYSE: CLNS) is a global real estate and investment management firm.
Nodes, within specific radius of centrally located BS, upgrade their regional ID as Centralized Level Nodes (CLNs); similarly outsider nodes upgrade their regional ID as Distributed Level Nodes (DLNs):
In order to describe TcES' mechanisms of action in more detail, the same lineage markers in cells obtained from the peritoneum, spleen, blood, and cervical lymph nodes (CLNs) were also stained in such a way that we would be able to detect whether TcES treatment is able to alter the normal migration patterns of the infiltrating cells.
During the establishment phase, staff, the ALN and CLNs encouraged both formal and informal peer teaching among all students.
* With regard to the CLNs, due to the structure of the product, in this case it is the buyer of this product who assumes the credit risk.
Management of suicidal attempters and provision of risk assessment continue to be the major tasks of CL psychiatrists and CLNs. There is a definite need to enhance CL psychiatric services by increasing the number of CLNs with support from CL psychiatrists, especially in view of the increasing number of inpatient beds and prospective opening of EMW in TKOH.
Lepage, VEGAS: An adaptive multi-dimensional integration program, Technical report, Cornell preprint CLNS 80-447, 1980.