CLOARCommon Low Observable Autorouter
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As the wall text scattered throughout the galleries pointed out, Cloar was noticeably influenced by several trends in modernist art, which he encountered in New York, where he studied at the Art Students' League in the 1930s; in Mexico, where he traveled on a fellowship in the late 1940s; and on a trip to Europe.
But if one disregarded the exhibition's didactic framework, a different picture of Cloar's work emerged: not images of the Arkansas countryside painted in the language of big-city modernism but work whose subject matter lent itself to a modernist vocabulary before the artist even learned it.
If there is any evolution to be traced through Cloar's oeuvre--and the mostly chronological arrangement of the works here allowed for this--it lies not in his style but in his attitude toward the culture in which he was raised.
But an even more interesting juxtaposition in Cloar's work is that of timelessness and change.
2), which graphically represents the intimidating presence of the artist's father, suggest that Cloar wanted to bid good riddance to childhood.
The company hired Cloar just before it was scheduled to present its new image-guided liver surgical products at the American Hepato Pancreato-Billary Association conference held on March 8.
"With our team focus on research and development, as well as clinical and economic outcomes, we will provide our customers with increasingly effective planning and navigation tools to address patient needs," said Cloar. "Pathfinder's ability to increase the number of operable liver cancers using less invasive surgical procedures will help liver surgeons to save and extend lives while driving cost effective healthcare."
On the debit side, however, Cloar concedes the recession and sluggish recovery have aggravated office vacancies.
"Most of our growth has been internal rather than relocation, and that has been slowed by economic conditions," says Cloar. "What doesn't show up on the radar screen, though, is the number of smaller businesses that are starting up downtown."
Cloar sees no retrenching by lenders on downtown residential, but says he's aware of no current activity in downtown commercial lending.
As to the Brookings report, Cloar says there has been a trend of movement back downtown but not as an increasing share of MSA population.
Cloar didn't want to comment on Crawford's legal problems or his whereabouts.