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CLOGCentral London Outdoor Group
CLOGCheshire Lotus Owners Group (car club; UK)
CLOGCharleston Light Opera Guild (Charleston, WV)
CLOGChrysler Lemon Owners Group (cars)
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Then straightway, and without more words, he stripped off his clogs and let them fall upon the road.
Her clogs stood near by, and further off the umbrella lay on the withered sward like a weapon dropped from the grasp of a vanquished warrior.
Apparently they're into Welsh clog dancing in a big way," said Trefor.
The earliest known clog dance steps came from the Lancashire mill towns around the early 1800s.
When fitting clogs, remember that for a proper fit, the heel of the foot should be as close to the clog's edge as possible without extending past it.
During the day, the girls sampled everything from hip hop and funk to clog and Morris dancing.
If your drain setup looks something like the one shown here and the water is backing up on the side without the waste tee, you may be able to remove the clog with a bent coat hanger (opening photo).
In England the scene is fairly static, but in Wales it's booming, especially traditional clog dancing, especially among young men.
Chicken, fish, and potatoes are no longer fried in beef fat, but the vegetable shortening clogs arteries almost as much.
VOGUE cover girl Alexa Chung has nailed yet another kooky style convincing us that clogs are cool.
In Wales, there were 65 specialised clogmakers in 1918 but by 1963 there were less than half a dozen Clog dancing went underground and survived among gypsy families in the Bala area, away from the gaze of Nonconformist ministers.