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CLOGContext Log
CLOGComplementary Log
CLOGClass Based Logic Language
CLOGCentral London Outdoor Group
CLOGCheshire Lotus Owners Group (car club; UK)
CLOGCharleston Light Opera Guild (Charleston, WV)
CLOGChrysler Lemon Owners Group (cars)
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Bute continued, stamping in her clogs. "There used to be handcuffs.
Then straightway, and without more words, he stripped off his clogs and let them fall upon the road.
Her clogs stood near by, and further off the umbrella lay on the withered sward like a weapon dropped from the grasp of a vanquished warrior.
The problem lies in the fact the conventional de-clogging methods don't involve actually visibly seeing the root cause of a clog, so even in cases wherein a clog is 'solved', the solution is temporary, and the clog will simply, almost inevitably recur, only worse the second time around, and progressively worse every succeeding time.
The model A2 did not clog in any of the testing stages and presented the best clogging resistance among the evaluated models of drippers.
Recently, Clorox recalled Liquid Plumr Pro-Strength Foaming Clog Fighter, Liquid Plumr Industrial Strength Urgent Clear and Liquid Plumr Pro-Strength Urgent Clear clog removers.
With a passion for Welsh music, popular and folk, Gwilym had no previous experience in clog making before he began his apprenticeship.
Having grown up clog dancing and won several medals over the years, he decided to add a modern and energetic twist to tradition.
The museum volunteers still demonstrate clog-making, but realised they had a huge surplus of equipment, so this has been passed on to a clog maker in a national history museum in Wales.
The transmitters feature a large, flush ceramic diaphragm that is abrasion and clog resistant.
ADOCTOR was celebrating after dancing her way to become champion clog dancer of the North East.
The spaniels I have owned, except one, came from field champion lines and after basic training most of the training was the clog teaching me how to hunt pheasants and what it took to get roosters in gun range late in the season after the young and dumb birds were dead.