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In its report, the FDA said: "There is no science-based reason to use labels to distinguish" between food derived from clones and those from conventional animals.
Worldwatch Institute researcher Danielle Nierenberg, in particular, is concerned that, like genetically modified organisms, clones will not be required to carry an identifying label in stores.
The draft guidance for industry addresses the use of food and feed products derived from clones and their offspring.
All of the equine clones born to date have been as healthy as any normal foal, say the scientists who produced them.
Dissemination of new methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus clones in the community.
The similarity of the business of harvesting organs from unwilling adult clones to that of collecting stem cells from helpless human embryos has not been lost to reviewers.
(2) You could negotiate royalties multiplied by the number of clones produced from your horse, whether cloned or bred, and/or from their competitive successes;
Developing a testing program to identify superior clones. A coordinated testing program is needed to establish credible, common "standards" for clones.
For this reason, his research may be the closest science has come to producing a human clone. But that doesn't mean you can start planning for your clone.
Such a law would require killing all clones. It would amount to a ban on allowing these "human beings to survive," said Richard Doerflinger of the U.S.
Hence, "clone and kill," as this cloning is more accurately described, would be utterly immoral.