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CLOPChallenge Learning Object Package (Matlab)
CLOPCargo Left on Pier
CLOPCloud Optical Thickness
CLOPControl, Lead, Organize, Plan (management)
CLOPClosed-Loop Operating Point Pressure
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The two SNPs (-956 (T [right arrow] C), -781 (G [right arrow] A)) were identified in meat sheep for the first time; the SNP (-41C [right arrow] A) and the SNP (6223 G [right arrow] A) have been reported by Clop et al.
Although my old memories are fading now, I'll never forget the clippety clop of the horses' hooves coming down the street and all the kids running outside to get as close as we dared to these lovely animals, and being shown how to hold our hands flat when we fed them carrots.
One minute shy of twelvesharp, the new-fledged nonagenarian looms before us wobbly on his mule, the pair so quiet we heard no clop of hooves, snort or snuffle.
Miles away, Jim glides down the mountain shoosh shoosh and I clop along, Bigfoot without the mystery.
When my daughter Danai was little she used to clop about the kitchen in her mother's "hee-hiles" as she called high heels.
Like a voice from the past He brought memories back Of wet cobbled streets All shiny and black A patch on my britches No boots on my feet And an armful of papers To sell down our street The clang of the tramcars Down on the road Clip, clop of the carthorses Pulling their load A man with a long pole Lights the street lamp You almost can smell The fog and the damp Someone selling firewood It's wet but who'll buy "Put it in the oven luv.
Step off the Isle of Man ferry and you are greeted by the gentle clip- clop of horse-drawn trams as they glide their way around delightful Douglas Bay.
Christmas carols Mary and Joseph might like to hear A-Neigh in a Manger Clip Clop Merrily on High Little Donkey Good King Wences-ass.
1 CALL FOR LINER (Irish film actor) 2 CLOP IN HILLS (No Jacket Required?
They include a version of In The Bleak Mid-Winter with solo violin and harp, and the traditional Norwegian carol A Tiny Child So Full of Joy with the clip clop of winter sleighs replicated by the violins played as guitars.
Clippety clop on to the stage, Narrating from memory of the inner cage, Gone are the days of the overtime wage, Too young for tantrums, too old for rage.
I have seen, and heard, Jaci clippity clop down the streets of Pontcanna on a quiet Sunday afternoon.