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with a tender Moon" relates to Book Two of Paradise Lost (1053-54), where Milton's "pendant world" as the universe hangs by a "golden Chain," a world "close by the Moon." Blake earlier word-plays on Milton's syntax occurs in Night the Eighth of The Four Zoas (107 [115]:14-15, E 380-81), in which a womb-like celestial "Space," designated as Ulro, is "closd with a tender moon." In Night the Second of The Four Zoas (32:7-8, 33:16-18, E 322) "the stars of heaven [were] created like a golden chain / To bind the Body of Man to heaven [to prevent him] from falling into the Abyss," language clarified by Book Two of Paradise Lost (1004-6) in which this "World" is "link'd in a golden Chain / To that side [of] Heav'n from whence ...
Alan Simpson, from the Royal College of Nursing, claimed some women would have to travel miles to get the same services if the unit closd.
Blake also word-plays on Milton's phrasing in Night the Eighth of The Four Zoas (107[115]:14-15, E 380-81), wherein such a womb-like "Space [is] closd with a tender moon," and in Milton (8:43-45) Los's female Emanation, lunar Enitharmon, in addition "form'd a [uterine] Space for Satan," at which she "clos'd it with a tender Moon"--a space that signifies the physical universe, for in Milton (11/12:6) "the [astronomical] Mills of Satan were separated into a moony Space" (a sub-lunar world of mortality, spaces where Blake's "Tyger" also prowls) (my emphases).
I rage in the deep for Lo my feet & hands are naild to the burning rock Yet my fierce fires are better than thy snows Shuddring thou sittest Thou art not chaind Why shouldst thou sit cold grovelling demon of woe In tortures of dire coldness now a Lake of waters deep Sweeps over thee freezing to solid still thou sitst closd up In that transparent rock as if in joy of thy bright prison