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CLOUDSCloud Logic to Optimize Use of Defense Systems
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The sky of the westerly weather is full of flying clouds, of great big white clouds coming thicker and thicker till they seem to stand welded into a solid canopy, upon whose gray face the lower wrack of the gale, thin, black and angry-looking, flies past with vertiginous speed.
The passing clouds I detest--those stealthy cats of prey: they take from thee and me what is common to us--the vast unbounded Yea- and Amen-saying.
She determined that greater safety and likelihood of success lay above the clouds, and once again she rose through the chilling, wind-tossed vapor.
Just above them, and almost on a level with their platform, were banks of rolling clouds which constantly shifted position and changed color.
Tattered, blue-purple clouds, reddening in the east, were scudding before the wind.
They were in hopes now, but their hope was of but short duration, and at night again thick clouds hid the starry vault from all eyes.
But from the clouds of earth that lie Beneath the foot of tall Ma-wei No signs of her dim form appear, Only the place of death is here.
Now clouds are practically unknown in the skies of Pellucidar.
The bird rose up in the air in its agony and vanished into the clouds, and the youth fell on to the broad branches of the apple-tree.
"Perhaps the storm won't burst to-night," said Joe; "the clouds are very high."
Then he got up, paddled about, rearranged the ballast bags on the floor, watched the clouds for a time, and turned over the maps on the locker.
Immediately after quitting it, we were enveloped in clouds of snow.