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CLOWNClass Orientation With (Petri-) Nets
CLOWNCrazy Lunatics of the Wild North (gaming)
CLOWNCity Leicester Oxford Warwick Network (mathematics academic interchange network; UK)
CLOWNClandestine Liberators of Oppressed Wimpy Nations (military slang/humor)
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"Think more along the lines of Borat, or Mr Bean, a modern-absurdist clown piece, looking at what it means for a boy to become a man," he said.
Dru, an actor, dancer and clown graduated at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.
The term 'medical clowns' may seem strange, but these performers play a therapeutic role by helping the patient forget about his pain and suffering for a while.
So, the services of clowns are also being used in high-stress corporate environments.
Dad Rob, 52, has been clowning around for 15 years and scooped the title of Best Auguste Clown at the International Festival of Clowns in 2015, so Millie is no stranger to the world of magic, balloon modelling - and a lot of laughs.
She said: "I used to think it was fun that dad was a clown because I sometimes used to have to go to parties with him and I would get to play with all the toys.
Can Millie, whose clown name is Silly Millie, be as successful as dad?
Half an hour with the greasepaint and sensible Millie becomes Silly Millie and has crowds howling with laughter at her antics, which include some very poor driving in her clown car.
Today, Clown Me In is one of Lebanon's largest clowning groups, bringing performances to people who need it the most.
In November 2015, Choucair travelled to Lesbos, Greece, to perform with the non-profit group Clowns Without Borders for the influx of refugees arriving at the island.
painted clown eggs are publicly displayed alongside surviving examples
of Bult's work as part of the Clown Egg Register ("the